CB Stories



One of the things which made CB radio such an interesting and memorable activity were the various conversations between other people. Most of the time, these exchanges were routine stuff.  But every once in a while something off the wall happened which made the event memorable. It's inevitable that anyone who's been involved in an activity, for as long as I've been involved in CB radio, will have a story or two to tell.  Well, here are my tales of those "special" CB related activities. Some are humorous,  some were reflective of a particular circumstance, or of the colorful people who shared the airwaves back then.



I Finally Make the Big Time

Dennis the Menace's Gullibility Exposed.

CB Sexcapades.

Uncle Albert Gets His Coax Cut.

A Transmitter Hunt Goes Horribly Wrong.

Tracking the FCC

The 1976 Explorer Road Rally.

The Inverted Record Player.

My Call Letters Get Revealed.

A Diplomatic Solution To a Channel Conflict.

I Get Paid to Stay Off The Radio

The Channel 6 Club Transmitter Hunts

My Beam takes a Dive

Another Transmitter Hunt Bears Large "Fruit".

Channel 13 Invades Hershey Park

Milkshakes Make Pretty Good Glue

3 Locals Get Their Cables Cut.

My Close Call With an 18 Wheeler.

More Gullibility and Practical Jokes.

Fun With R.F.

The "Legend" of the F.C.C.


Life As a Teenaged 1970's CB'er

Loop Lines

Agitator Chronicles

Business vs. Hobby