CB Tech Tricks              


This is the place where we pay tribute to those little tricks that many of us did to expand the capabilities of our CB radios. Also included in this section, are other gadgets which were used purely for attention getting or agitation. We also take a look at some of the "CB Science" myths which proliferated the rank and file of the typical CB'er, who had just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Most of us eventually learned these lessons the hard way.


Putting Channel "22A" in the blank spot.

Crystal Swap for expanding channels.

Expanding Clarifier Range.

VFO's for more channels.

PLL mods for even more channels.

Common Radio Features

The Myth of "Peaking".

Antenna Gain myths.

Amplifier Power Ratings

Direction Finding Theory.


Reverbs and other echo boxes.

Agitator's Guide to Jamming.

The ABC's Of Bleed Over