"Channel Busters"



The "Channel Busters CB club" was a short lived mind fart which erupted from the creativity of a few of us who ran on Channel 11 in the 1974/75 timeframe. Thanks to our mutual interest in radio, and our general tendency toward clowning around, we had become a close knit group on the radio.  A few people (most notably Dead Soldier) thought it would be a good idea for us to form a more formal organization of sorts. The problem with this idea, was that without much dedicated adult guidance and maturity, we lacked the focus, direction, and commitment to make this into anything more organized than a series of impromptu get-togethers.  We did manage to hold a few "meetings", most of which took place at Dead Soldier's house (I have a foggy recollection of Mitch pressing Uncle Albert over his head at the first meeting).  At these gatherings, we talked about radio related activities, vented about our detractors from other channels, and  voiced complaints about some of our own people who had a particular annoying habit.  But despite all that, we couldn't even agree on an official name for our "club". The name "Channel Busters" was suggested, and many of us thought it was clever since it shared the same acronym as Citizen's Band.  Dead Soldier and a few others were not overly keen on the name though, as it was felt that it would identify us as troublemakers (Most adults already thought that anyway). We never really settled on a name, and the club idea suffered a quick and painful death after only a few short months of existance.