General Location: Philadelphia Pa.

Time Frame: 1973-198?


Background: Channel 1 was the first home for the "Big Bad Bruthas". The early 70's prototype for what would later become the norm on modern day Channel 6. Most of the people here ran big power and owned fancy rigs( A favorite was the Browning Golden Eagle). They also had a "style" of operating which was flamboyant, often pompous and somewhat showboat-ish. These guys were not really local to my area (>20 miles), and the main reason I have included this channel in the list, was to give a quick nod to the leader of this group.  He was an electric, and high profile character by the handle of "Captain Cole Slaw". With his trademarked Golden Eagle extended "ping", the captain became a sort of folk legend in our area, and it was considered a big accomplishment to be heard and acknowledged by him.  It was anyone's guess as to how many watts he actually ran. He also knew how to make an entrance at the local coffee breaks as well, and he always had an entourage with him. As the years passed, it was rumored that a few different guys had adopted the name "Captain Cole Slaw", and indeed the later guys sounded different from the original. So it's tough to determine who really was the original, and how long he was active on the radio.




Captain Cole Slaw