General Location: Outskirts of Norristown.

Time Frame: 1975-1976


Background: Channel 10 became our new home channel in September of 1975 when the truckers, who then occupied Channel 10, moved up to Channel 19 to align with the west coast truckers, who were already on 19, in order to create a single national trucker/highway channel.  We had been, up to this point, using Channel 11 as our home channel. But it was becoming more and more crowded with groups outside of our own, and conflicts were increasing.  Once everyone in our group had all obtained full powered 23 channel sets, and we no longer were tied to the crystal limitations of walkie-talkies, we decided to move off of Channel 11 and into the hole created when the truckers moved off of Channel 10. The move did not happen without a few bumps along the way however, along with the associated conflicts (See Wildcat and this story).  Our original group would only last for a barely a year afterward, although it seemed longer at the time. By the middle of 1976, most of the core group had lost interest and moved on, or had become part timers, so the channel group eventually disbanded. After Channel 10 disbanded, most of the remaining few of us ended up on Channel 6.



Dennis the Menace                 Electrician

Blue Bandit                            Fire Dragon

The Shadow                           Channel Master

Uncle Albert                          Silver Nail

Cap't Kidd                              Spud

Belly Dancer                           Spaghetti Man

Steve                                      Nighthawk

Jimmy                                     Cheetah

Tigershark                              Blonde Beauty

LIM                                        Kitchen Maid

Gumshoe                                  D.J.

Big Al                                      Hot Pepper

Dead Soldier                           Liquid Plumber

Red Baron                               Prophet

Cougar                                    Rubberband

Blue Cougar                             Star Baby

Pheasant                                  Screaming Chicken

Money Man                              

Snow Fighter