General Location: Outskirts of Norristown.

Time Frame: 1973-1975


Background: Channel 11 was our first true "home" channel, once we had upgraded to equipment a notch or two above the typical 100 mW Channel 14 kiddie special walkie-talkies. Our group, as it was then, got its start in the middle of 1973 when my neighborhood friends and I joined the very first group of CB teenagers that I first heard in 1972. Most of us kids started out with walkie-talkies (The Lafayette and Radio Shack 1.5 watt, and Midland 1 watt were common). Most of us would manage to get 5 watt, 23 channel sets by the end of 1974. As time went on, the group expanded to the size shown here. In 1975, after increasing interference and channel crowding (Channel 11 was still considered a "calling channel" by some), our group moved to Channel 10.



Dennis the Menace      Blue Bandit

The Shadow                Uncle Albert

Cap't Kidd                   Belly Dancer

Steve                           Jimmy

Tigershark                   Billy Goat 

Nails                            Screaming Chicken

Capricorn                     Scorpio

Bone Man                     Skyrocket

Big Al                           Inchy

Dead Soldier                Cougar

Blue Cougar                  Pheasant

Money Man                   Red Baron

Fire Dragon                  Channel Master

Silver Nail                    Spud

Spaghetti Man               Red Demon

Nighthawk                     Blonde Beauty

Kitchen Maid                 D.J.

Sweet & Innocent          Flower Girl




General Location: Norristown.

Time Frame: 1976-1979


Background: After our group left Channel 11, it was eventually taken over by a rival teenagers and younger adults group, based in the center of Norristown proper. Differences in upbringing and socio-economic status prevented our groups from forming a common bond. In fact there were often verbal confrontations, as some of these guys tended to be more "thugish" in their exchanges.  This type of the attitude would became the precursor to the general attitude which would eventually permeate the CB hobby as a whole in the next 10 years and beyond.





Daddy Longlegs

Baggy Pants

Crispy Chick




Super Cop