General Location: Conshohocken, and the outskirts of Philadelphia.

Time Frame: 1974-1975


Background: The only reason that I became acquainted with the group on Channel 18, is due to the initial conflict that we had with them. I don't remember exactly what started it or why, but we had a few good knock down, drag out on-air battles with them before we finally came to an understanding and actually became somewhat friendly. Most of these guys were a bit older than we were, but not quite "adults" (I'd say in their early 20's or so). The "leader" of the group was a guy by the handle of Wildcat, who sat high above I-76 in Belmont Hills, ran a Moonraker 4, and about 3 or 4 hundred watts.  He fancied himself as a wannabe radio D.J., and would often play music for minutes on end when he felt the urge. The first time that I ever heard the song "One of These Nights", by the Eagles, was when Wildcat played it in an attempt to jam us on channel 11/10. When the truckers moved up to Channel 19 in 1975, the guys on channel 18 got inundated with bleed over, and Wildcat and the others tried to fight them off of 19.  This was probably what created the friction between our channel groups, as they didn't like us sending stray truckers from our new Channel 10, up to 19 to "compound" their problem.  But even Wildcat's power and determination couldn't silence the sheer magnitude of truckers which passed through the area on a daily basis.  Some of the Channel 18 guys were friends with a few of the power houses on Channel 4, and when those guys left for Channel 22"a", the 18'ers then took over Channel 4 and finally escaped their bleed over problems.





Rainbow Traveler

Green Hornet





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