General Location: Western Philadelphia, and Montgomery County.

Time Frame: 1975-1977


Background: Channel 22"A" became the new home for the "big dog" adults, formerly from Channel 4, who were into high power, highly modified radios, and DX'ing. Due to increased interference and on-air challenges, these guys figured that their best escape was to claim the illegal but somewhat popular (almost every 23 channel crystal radio could be modified for it) Channel "22A" (27.235, which became channel 24 in 1977). Since it was not a standard channel, there were less people who could go there, and it was usually quiet.  Since it was not a legal channel, these guys felt no need to allow anyone else, who they didn't know, to use the channel. They adopted the slogan "No Squatters on the frequency" (which I copied and brought back to Channel 10, as displayed in this audio clip) to deal with outsiders. By the time this channel became legal Channel 24, most of these guys had outgrown the restrictions of CB radio and moved on to ham radio.





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