General Location: Western suburbs of Norristown.

Time Frame: 1976-1980


Background: Channel 23 was an "odd duck" channel in my area. Since it was a shared channel between the class "C" and class "D" services, there was an almost constant carrier along with occasional tones and telemetry, as far back as I can remember. This made the channel fairly inhospitable for most general talking, beyond a few mile radius. Because of the constant interference,  Channel 23 was considered a "test" channel, the place where people tuned up their rigs and antennas. In spite of these often brutal conditions though, a few hearty souls chose to make this channel their home in the latter part of the 70's. These guys all lived within a mile of each other, and a few also had amplifiers. These guys were a bit older than we were, for the most part, and hung out here for quite a few years before finally moving to Channel 25. These guys were on good terms with us, as we enjoyed tweaking each other. One of those instances was recorded in this audio clip. In 1980, as the result of a bet, the guys from Channel 13 played a tackle football game against the group from Channel 23. It was the youngsters against the oldsters. The youngsters were winning until the game was called due to a few serious injuries.



Rare Bird


Rebel (Uncle Jimmy)

Jolly Roger