General Location: Western suburbs of Norristown.

Time Frame: 1980-1981


Background: I guess the interference finally got to the guys who hung out on Channel 23, and they decided to move to Channel 25 in 1980. There was also a growing internal personality conflict which may have had a part to play as well.  Cactus and Rebel started to rub each other the wrong way (Actually Cactus was rubbed the wrong way), and Cactus may have been the first to leave the channel. Jolly Roger, being the good friend that he was, left with him. Uncle Chuckie tried to remain friends with both sides. The choice of channel may have also been a deliberate form of needling. Since Channel 25 is only 10 Khz below Channel 23 (The band plan is strange here), and Jolly Roger and Cactus lived less than 1/2 mile apart. They could talk over any bleed over from Channel 23.  Since Cactus also had a D&A Phantom 500 amplifier at his disposal, he was more than happy to add some bleed of his own.  Eventually Cactus lost the personality battle, and he ended up becoming the king of a two person channel group. Uncle Chuckie and Uncle Jimmy moved to Channel 30, and started a new group in 1981.  Cactus eventually got his ham license and thumbed his nose at CB radio for the last time. 



Rare Bird (Uncle Chuckie)


Rebel (Uncle Jimmy)

Jolly Roger