The Place: Mostly East Norriton Pa. and a station in Ambler

The Time: Fall of 1976

Channel: 6

Recorded With: A Sears cassette recorder from a Midland 13-885.

The Characters:

"Mr. Spock": (AKA "Missy", "Tommy" & "Lightbulb") First person heard on the tape.  He's having fun playing head games with Dragonfly.

"Dragonfly": A Dirtball in a neighboring town. Is very "homophobic". A trait which was used repeatedly against him.

Dave: Records the fun and also chimes in at opportune times.  The transmit audio is a little distorted due to the effects of R.F. bleed into the tape recorder.

"Uncle Albert": ("Caroline") First heard saying "Don't be mean". He joins in the fray and actually fools Grape Ape into thinking he's a girl toward the end.

"Tiger Shark": Makes a few comments in between the ruckus.

"Big Al": Makes a few calls and comments, but does not take part in the actual play act.

"Grape Ape": A local kid with a 1.5 watt walkie-talkie. He gets fooled into believing that Uncle Albert is a girl.


Classic One-Liner: "...And you're supposed to be talking English, not fag." - Dragonfly, attempting to educate "Tommy" on proper CB etiquette.


Background: Here's a brief look at one of the many spontaneous chances we had to goof off on the CB. I don't remember what started this, but Dragonfly was one of those on-air "tough guys" from the wrong side of the tracks in a nearby town a few miles away from us.  Part of his on-air persona was projecting an air of "macho manliness".  But his overly sensitive homophobia exposes his true insecurities, which we take advantage of to torment him.  He was also not too bright, as he never figured out that "Missy", "Tommy", and "Lightbulb" were all the same person. This clip ends rather abruptly as my tape recorder runs out of tape.

A Gay Day on Channel 6 Approx 10 min, mp3 format