"Father Chris", better known as "Warlord", was a member of the Channel 20 group, which I became a part of during the 1977-78 time frame.  I first met Chris at the same time as Piero, at the Channel 20 weekly coffee break at a local Friendly's Ice Cream parlor (Actually, I was the designated driver for those two guys who were "pre-car" at the time).


Chris started out with a Sears 23 channel AM Roadtalker, and was heard using this radio briefly during this audio clip, a year prior.  In 1977, Chris upgraded to an SBE Sidebander II, which he used for the remainder of his CB career.  Unfortunately, Chris' radio career would slowly decline due to the increasing influences of drugs, which he found himself involved in thanks to his older brothers and their band of miscreant friends.

This same bunch of degenerates were also anti-CB, supposedly because local CB'ers bled over their stereo's in the middle of tripping to their dope music, and it made them angry.  Even coming to Chris's house was a risky prospect, as these losers were always hanging around, and would verbally disparage anyone with a CB antenna on their car. You wouldn't dare leave your car unattended and expect the antenna to still be there when you got back. At first, Chris didn't want much to do with this "gang", but I guess when he got old enough, they accepted him into the fold.  By 1979, he was pretty much out of radio, and as of the last time I heard, had become pretty much a stoner.

Today: I haven't seen or heard from Chris since his days on the radio.