Classic Radio Stories


Restoring those old vintage CB radios can be a fun and very rewarding activity, especially if you're hoplessly nostalgic and looking to relive the "good old days" of CB radio. It can also be frustrating at times, especially if you can't find certain parts, or a random capacitor or two decides to explode in your face...... There can also be situations which have a humorous slant as well. Here is the place where I recount those times.  Also included here are the "Shootout" articles where I pit one vintage radio against another to see who wins.





The Flight Of the Phoenix


I Had a Dream....


I Once Had a Dream 


I Have Yet Another Dream.....


The Tale of 3 Cobras  by Spitfire


Classic Radio Shootout: Tram vs. Browning

Classic Radio Shootout: 23 Channel Vs. 40 Channel

Cobra 2000 Restoration