Local Codes and Jargon.                       


During the course of normal interaction over the air, most CB'ers became acquainted with the national "10-Code". This code was designed to speed communications by reducing a complex statement down to a simple code number. The 10 code covered a lot of generic communications situations, but did little to address specific needs and situations, which went beyond simple radio jargon.  Some of those phrases may not have been totally acceptable communications in the eyes of the F.C.C..

The following were codes created for the sole purpose of addressing those "unique" needs.  Some of them were created locally, and some others were from a larger area.  Some have a good bit of humor where appropriate.  Some of them contain crude language, so you might not want to look if you're sensitive to that sort of stuff.  Also included below are some slang terms, which were created to describe specific situations, and CB lingo which just sort of "appeared".




"12"-Code     Caution: Contains foul language.


"100"-Code    Caution: Contains foul language.

Channel Codes  Alternate code names used for "private" escape channels.

Local Lingo  Some CB slang from our local area.

Overused CB slang  Some phrases which lost their appeal due to overuse by newbies and "good buddies".