During the reign of Channel 13, we were known for the slapstick antics and carefree attitude that we took up in those days.  Some of us also aspired to be broadcast radio personalities, as the ultimate "dream job" (Where else can you get paid for doing what we liked already for free?). Taking all of these traits into consideration,  it was not uncommon to hear us "Play D.J." at certain times.  Albert in particular, was the premier author of most of our on-air parodies and comedic bits. By virtue of his collection of sound effects and theme songs, he was in the position to produce some really good, almost professional, creations.  On the other hand, I also had a bit of talent for writing song parodies, plus voice impersonations, and other comic material.  So, in the summer of 1979, Albert and I got together at my house to put together a mock radio show, based on the antics that we did on CB Channel 13 on a regular basis, and modeled after the then cutting edge format of a comedic "morning drive" segment, which was becoming popular on many FM broadcast radio stations of the time. We mixed together elements and characters from the local CB radio scene, as well as queued up some contemporary music, and produced a 2 hour tape of zany nonsense. While we had a general outline of what we wanted to do, most of the show was totally unscripted and we recorded it ad-lib for the most part. The following comedy bits were excerpted from this project.  This is just a small sampling of what used to happen on a fairly regular basis on the CB back then. I only wish I had taped copies of these as well, but many of these bits came up totally at the spur of the moment, and I didn't have time to set up the tape recorder. 


Shamefully, IMHO, the state of modern corporate "cookie cutter" radio stations has created an atmosphere which discourages the development of individual talent and impromptu programming in favor of their one-size-fits-all canned formula. This pretty much turned off any further desire to work in the industry, although I often wonder what might have happened if any of us had pursued this path a little more seriously.



Channel 13 Station I.D..


Bob & Lynn.


Teddy Wensel Driving School.


Ritchie's Drug Store.


Big Mike Radio Repair Technical School.


The "live" rendition of The Sandbaggers.