This is a picture of my first boat, a 1959 14' Crosby.  Sporting a "white" 50 HP 4 cyl. Mercury outboard, and equipped with a slightly chipped 2 blade prop, this boat had just enough power to pull a skier, and would reach speeds of around 35 MPH.  I got this boat as a trade with Art at the end of 1982, after becoming acquainted with it during that previous season down at Barnegat Bay, New Jersey.  I used it up until 1985, when I had pretty much outgrown it and decided to sell it (My yard was starting to look like a boat yard with 3 boats in it).  This boat had seen a fair amount of use (abuse?) in its life and when Art owned it he actually tried taking it out through the Barnegat Inlet, which is notorious for swift currents, shoals, and large chop.  Ah, the "no-fear" attitude of youth... Where did that go? This picture was taken at our local hangout, the Schuylkill River, near Norristown Pa., which was a much better fit for a boat this size than Barnegat Bay.