This is the D&A model Phantom 500 amplifier.  This unit was a two stage amp, with an advertised power output of 500 watts on AM and a whopping 1500+ watts on SSB. The unit pictured was the "old" version sporting a gray cabinet.  Like the Maverick 250, this amp was also offered in a "newer" style two tone tan case. I never had any first hand experience with this amplifier, but there were a couple floating around the local area, including units owned by Cactus, and Al. Al once fell asleep on the microphone with his Phantom on, and threw a high powered dead key (with some occasional snoring) for a few hours.  Surprisingly, the amp survived, which is a testament to D&A's design for longevity at the expense of a bit more power.

This amp was offered as both a "dual" power and "triple" power option. Earlier units had a tube compliment of 12, while later ones had "only" 10. With today's pricing for sweep tubes, replacing a set of soft tubs in this baby could cost as much as buying a good used kilowatt ham amplifier with a "real" R.F. tube.

Anyone who still has one of these, most likely uses it sparingly or keeps is as a classic antique, and a reminder of what CB was all about back in the good old days.