This is the D&A model Raider amplifier.  This was a 4 tube, single stage design which put out about 75 watts carrier and close to 300 watts of peak (PEP on SSB) power. This amp also had a receiver preamplifier built-in as well. Controls featured power, standby/operate, and receiver amp on/off switches. Next to that were the plate tune, band select and antenna load controls. A single neon bulb illuminated to indicate power on, and a meter indicated cathode current.

The band switch was a curious, but not totally unexpected option. The D&A company had all sorts of trouble with the FCC, when the manufacture of amplifiers that operated on the CB bands began to be cracked down on by the FCC, and tougher standards were enacted for amp manufacturers.  Additions such as the band switch and a crystal socket on other models were a feeble attempt to pass these off as "ham" transmitters and amplifiers, and disguise the "real" market for these amps.