This is how my station looked in 2003 at my new home.  Note that I've gotten a bit neater in my "old" age.  On the lower left is the Yaesu FT-757, which is still hanging in there almost 20 years after I bought it (Who holds on to radio equipment that long anyway?). To the right of that are 2 Kenwood VHF/UHF dual-banders;  a TM721a(2m/440) on the bottom, and a TM631a(2m/220) on top of that. To the right of center is an Icom 706, and on the far right is an RF Concepts, 180 watt 2 meter amplifier. The lone CB is a TRC 451 suspended above the Icom.  Microphones are my original (circa 1974) Astatic D-104 on the left, followed by a Kenwood MC-85, a Turner +3, and an Astatic D104, Silver Eagle. Metering is provided by my resilient Realistic 3-way power/mod/SWR meter for 10/11 meters. For VHF, forward and reverse power is displayed on a large cross needle 20/200/2000 watt meter. My MFJ Antenna tuner is also a long term survivor, having been in my possession since 1983.