This is my station circa 1986.  I'm still using the "L" shaped operating table that Art and I put together back in late '82.  Through the considerable clutter, (I was not the neatest person back then) you can see a few diverse radios, some of which have changed since the 1983 picture.  Much of my earlier redundancy in radios has been replaced by a few, but highly capable radios, including the TRC-458 on the right, and a  Yaesu FT-757 in the middle.  Gone is the Midland 13-885, having been retired to the closet at this point. To the right of the TRC-458, and under the pile of papers, is the Sears cassette recorder which I used to record most of the radio clips.  On top of the TRC-458 is one of my frequency counters, Realistic 3-way meter, and field strength meter.  At this time, my gradual migration to ham radio is evident as well, as evidenced by the Kenwood TS-700A 2 meter all mode rig under the Yaesu, as well as a Lafayette HB-750 6 meter AM rig, underneath the Turner +2 desk mike, to the left of the Kenwood.  Also just left of the Kenwood, is its external speaker, a 90 watt 2 meter amplifier, and CB rotor control box.  Further to the left of the HB-750, is a Bearcat 210 XL scanner, which I used for monitoring the local public service stuff.  Also pictured is my Turner +3 desk mike, and my original Astatic D-104.  Between the TRC-458 and the Yaesu is the CDE rotor control box for my VHF antennas, and a Heathkit monitor scope above that, with the MFJ antenna tuner topping that pile.  The D&A Maverick amplifier is now gone, as I had traded it for the large "table" in the foreground, with the three meters on it providing support for the two 6 volt lantern batteries and the "boom box".  This "table" was actually a homebrew two 813 tube killowatt amplifier.  This amp never really put out what I thought it should, so I sold it later at a hamfest.