This is my station circa 1990. The custom "L" shaped operating table is still in use almost 8 years later.  I'm still clearly living a "cluttered" life, although much of the equipment has changed during the last 4 years. Through the clutter, you can see the Yaesu FT-757, taking center stage. I have a 6 meter transverter attached to it at this point, as I was "into" 6 meters by then.  Above that is my MFJ antenna tuner.  At the top of that stack is my Realistic rotator control box.  Shown just to the right of the Yaesu is a Uniden HR-2510 with the Realistic 3-way power meter on top. Just to the right of that, I now have a mini stack of Kenwood VHF/UHF FM rigs, including a TM-721a dual band 2meter/440, and TM321a, 220 Mhz. radios.  The Kenwood TS-700A, 2 meter all-mode has now moved to the right of the table.  At the extreme right you can see an MFJ packet radio TNC, as I was just getting into packet radio then.  To the left of the Yaesu, is the Bearcat 210XL scanner.  My growing list of test equipment is also evident at the left of the table, including an HP 141 Spectrum Analyzer, a Leader scope, a Wavetek sweep generator, and a Fluke Frequency counter. The Demco Watt/SWR meter is still hanging around just to the left of the freq. counter. My Bird 43 wattmeter is also in the picture on top of the Realistic 3-way.  What is conspicuously absent in this picture, is any "CB" radios.  This was during the period of time when I was temporarily off of the CB band, due to the high sunspot-induced skip levels.  I still owned the TRC-458 , but I had lent it to my recently licensed father-in-law to use on 10 meters.