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This section is an Op/Ed format where I take a light hearted look back at CB radio and the things and people which made the hobby what it was in the 1970's, as well as some observations and introspection on the state of the hobby today.


A 40 Year Anniversary Comes Due

Vintage Appeal

PLL Wars

Christmas Time

The rise and fall of Radio Shack

A Tribute to The S-Meter

CB Then Vs. Now

I Apologize.....

CB Drama

RF Interference and the CB operator

Mentors and People Of Influence

The Antenna Party

Tech School Mischief

Another 30 Year Anniversary

Will There Be a CB Revival?

The Allure of Extra Channels

The "Linear" Effect

Equipment Perspective

The Outer Limits of CB Communications

The Coffee Break Remembered

The Mysteries Of Antennas

Classic Base Antennas

30 Years Of 40 Channels

Something to Ponder....

A Tribute to The Walkie-Talkie

The FCC Unmasked

The Gutter Beam

Don't It Figure


The Learning Curve.

How to Piss Off Today's CB'er.

Low points.  Not every aspect in radio was a good one.

Nostalgia Radio?

Junk Or Fancy. What kind of equipment did you run back then?

CB Personalities. Which one were you?

Ham vs. CB, The debate rages on.

They Don't Make Cars Like They Used Too......

Remember when......