This is the Johnson Viking 4740 40 channel AM/SSB mobile rig. User features included  Volume, Squelch, R.F. Gain, receive-only Fine Tuning (Clarifier), and a mode switch with colored indicator lights, which helped tell you what mode you were on in the dark.  A switchable noise blanker, a P.A. switch and a standard size mobile S/RF meter, similar to the ones used by SBE, rounded out the list of operator features.  Another similarity to some SBE radios was the PLL circuit, which was similar to the one used in the SBE Console V.   Hmm, do you think these companies shared manufacturers (Cough.... NDI)? The PLL was capable of extra frequencies, but the VCO range was not all that great without further modification.  

One annoying "feature" of this radio was that the microphone plug was at the rear of the radio, which made it somewhat awkward when using it as a base station.  Performance wise, this radio was fairly good. Receiver sensitivity and selectivity were about average for 40 channel radios. SSB power would approach 20 watts, and SSB audio was clean and smooth.  AM transmit was a little tricky. The type of modulator in this radio was a design (Similar to the Tram XL5) such that if the AMC was clipped, and the audio drive was too high, the modulation would swing forward sharply and then just as sharply jump back. It made for a harsh "choppy" sound.  For this reason the AMC should only be adjusted as far as necessary to maintain 100 % modulation, if maximum audio clarity is to be maintained.

This radio became popular in our area when Radio Shack (How they ended up with them is a good question) closed them out in 1979 for the ridiculously low (at that time) price of $99.  Several people took advantage of the low price and picked one up. They including Uncle Albert, Cougar, Blue Bandit, and a few others.