The Place: The General Pottstown Area

The Time: April 2006

Channel: 21

Recorded With: A Toshiba laptop from a Realistic TRC-451

The most notable Characters:

Firestarter: He's needling Two Watt with the recorded results of their first encounter, and agrees to a rematch at 10:00 PM.

Two-Watt Willy: Challenges Firestarter to a rematch of their keydown to show once and for all who the big man is.

Number 7: Is selling seats, and agrees to provide food, to those who wish to witness the keydown in person.

Plus a contingent of people from both the Pottstown and Reading areas, far to numerous to list individually.

Background: After I posted the recording of the first encounter a week prior, which showed that Two Watt was not able to completely shut down Firestarter, Firestarter was using that knowledge to troll for his usual provocative reaction, and manages to goad Two Watt into challenging him to another keydown. This time there were many more witnesses on the channel in several different areas, all throwing in their comments as the event draws close. This time though, unaware that my recorder was running,  Firestarter points his beam at where he thinks the "official" recording was to take place, which was 50 or so degrees away from me. Two Watt also found a better spot to transmit from, and combined with the lower signal potential from Firestarter, this time there was no contest as Two Watt clearly climbs all over Firestarter.  Firestarter takes his loss gracefully and in stride, but I have a feeling that this isn't over just yet.......

Episode2: Approx 58 min, mp3 format.