The Place: The General Pottstown Area

The Time: February 2006

Channel: 21

Recorded With: A Toshiba laptop from a Yaesu FT-757

The Main Characters:

Firestarter: First person on the tape. He's fuming because a local idiot was keying on his receive.

Tree Frog: Proclaims, in a prophetic sort of way,  "Dude, This is Channel 21....". What do you expect?

Snowman (RIP): Backs up Firestarter by advising him to "stand his ground".

Do-Dirty (575): Suggests that Firestarter "pump your brakes", and cool down from language which was a bit unusual for him at that time.


Background: In the Pottstown area, there is this "Troubled" person, by the handle of "Trucker". The good news is that he lives in a section 8 apartment with an indoor antenna, and does not put out a very good signal (In fact I couldn't hear him at all at the time the recording was made). The bad news is that, for the few people unfortunate enough to live within 2 or 3 miles of him, he is an almost constant irritant. This time, he manages to push normally mild-mannered Firestarter over his limit and, true to his handle, he cranks up the fire in his anger.  The language on this clip is a great deal more crude than it was 30 years ago.

Firestarter: Approx 4.44 min, mp3 format.