The Place: The outskirts of Norristown Pa.

The Time: Fall of 1976

The Channel: 11?

Recorded With: A Sears cassette recorder from an SBE Cortez


The Characters:

Fury: A hormonally motivated dirtball from the "wrong side of the tracks".  His first transmission is unintelligible as he is trying to speak Italian.

Black Magic (Colleen):  A member of the Channel 6 group who appeared, at first glance, to be a bit naive, but maybe not quite so.

Background: This excerpt could very well have been subtitled "Leather and Lace" as there couldn't have been many more differences in the attitudes and backgrounds of these two people.  Fury was a street wise, tough talking, smoking, drinking, and dope using miscreant from the seedier section of Norristown.  Black Magic was a shy, seemingly naive Catholic girl from the quiet suburbs of Whitpain Township.  She worked at the local Whitpain Burger King (The same one as in this story), and would often slip me some free fries or such when I'd visit.  Fury was attracted to Black Magic (her voice at least), and wanted to make a good impression to the point where he lied about what grade he was in school.  He claimed to be a junior at Bishop Kenrick, when in fact he was only a freshman (She was a Sophomore at a different school). He attempted to cover this by then claiming to have recently transferred from another school, when he realized that Black Magic would probably try to look him up in the yearbook.  Also his wild story about having his driver's license suspended, covers the fact that he wasn't yet old enough to legally have one. At first, it seemed that Black Magic was oblivious to his ruse and his crude charms, but later listening to her reactions and the tone of her voice, indicates that she was probably aware, on some level,  that he was trying to pull a fast one on her.  Still, she seemed to be curious about him to some extent, I guess in much the same way that some women fantasize about "bad boys" and men in prison, as she did reveal where she worked (After some really lame clues), opening the door for a future visit. I don't know if he finally met her though.  Then again, she could have been playing him for her own amusement, much like watching a monkey dance for a banana. This clip was another in a series which were recorded during my week of silence, when I had nothing to do but scan the band and listen.

Fury & Black Magic Approx 12:00, mp3 format.