This is the Lafayette HA-250 amplifier.  This was a 100 watt (PEP), 2 tube (6JB6) mobile amplifier. It featured Plate Tuning, Antenna Load, a Power On switch, and a relative output meter (The same exact meter as the S/RF meter on my Comstat 25). This model was offered in a few different revisions over the years. The older version (Which I owned at one time), had simple power leads to hook to the 12V electrical system. The newer version (HA-270) had an octal plug on the back which you could connect to either a 12V mobile cord or to an optional AC power supply to allow base station operation.  Blue Bandit had the newer version, and used it on his base for the first several months that he was in CB. 

Power output was not all that great in its mobile form. The plate voltage was a bit low (about 450 Volts), so the unit didn't do much more than about 35 watts carrier. Also, when this unit was keyed, you could hear the high pitched whine of the D.C. to A.C. conversion multi-vibrator transistors. This was a common occurrence in mobile tube equipment.  Running it on a base with higher plate voltage and stronger tubes could yield about 75 watts carrier, 120 watts PEP.

I became the proud owner of an HA-250 (As my first mobile amp) in 1976.  I'm not sure if it belonged to Mitch, or whether he was just borrowing it. In any case, while he had it, he had been running it on his base when his antenna was hit by lightning. The lightning strike really messed up the keying circuit in the amp, and fried the multi-vibrator transistors. Somehow I ended up with it, and I eventually replaced the multi-vibrator transistors. I could not find a suitable replacement for the sensing relay so I hard wired the keyup to work from a switched voltage inside a radio, which I piped to the P.A. jack on my SBE Cortez. I changed the tubes to 6LQ6 types (Which required moving the tube socket bracket and re-drilling the mounting holes). I also replaced the On/Off switch with a 3 position switch so that I could have a hot standby position. This got me into trouble on occasion when I would inadvertently forget it was on, and the standby filament current draw (About an amp or so) would drain my car's battery overnight.

When I got rid of my Contex base amp, I eventually felt the loss of not having the extra power on the base, so I pulled the HA-250 out of the car and rigged up a high voltage power supply plus a filament supply, and ran it on the base.  Eventually I sold the amp, when I acquired a solid state ABC amp for the car, and the D&A Raider on the base.