This is the Lafayette HA-240. This radio is a 49 Mhz, 2 channel, 100 mW walkie talkie. This unit was manufactured back when the 5 original 49 Mhz channels were created by the FCC, as a low power personal radio service (Sort of a FRS predecessor) back in the late 70's.  Many of us experimented with range on this band and tried to use it as an alternative, or "secret", channel getaway from CB, when it became necessary to do so.  Art used to refer to this band as "The Wall", which was our code word to go there.  Unfortunately, handheld to handheld range was not all that good, and usually it was only practical if you were less than a mile apart.  Some of us could get up to a few miles of range on this band when on higher terrain and it held some promise, before the cordless phones and baby monitors arrived and rendered the 49 Mhz band a noise filled wasteland and totally useless for hobby use. Most recently, ironically, I used this radio as a remote receiver for my daughter's baby monitor.  The difference in frequency is just right for slope detection of the baby monitor's FM transmitter, and it's a bit more sensitive and portable than the baby monitor's receiver.