The Place: The outskirts of Norristown Pa.

The Time: Fall of 1976

Channel: 11.

Recorded With: A Sears cassette recorder from an SBE Cortez.


The Characters:

Iron Duke: The first legible person on the recording. He states his rules for double dating.

Big Blue: Claims that Iron Dukeís rules; "almost rates a carrier".

The "Babe": Responds with some rules of her own.

Twister: Always with a keen grasp of the obvious, observes that; "Youse two donít make too much of a good pair".

Goldilocks: Agrees with the "Babeís" dating philosophy.

Black Widow: Who sounds a lot like Horshack from TV's Welcome Back Kotter, had been duped by someone on another channel into thinking that the "Babe" was looking for him, when the reality was that she was not very fond of him.  Mustíve been that manly voiceÖÖ


Background: Iron Duke was someone who was short on humility and long on ego. This excerpt shows him espousing his views on double dating. His ego was initially tempered somewhat, by the hope that the "Babe" would find him interesting enough to possibly go out on a date with.  But eventually ego wins out, when he declares that "Itís your loss, not mine". The rest of the characters on this clip offer up their own unique perspectives to this dating dilemma. This clip was recorded during my "week of silence", when I had the opportunity to do some intense sandbagging.

Iron Duke on Dating approx 2:36, mp3 format