Iron Duke (Jack), was one of the locals in my area who enjoyed a relatively brief career on CB, extending from 1976 to about 1978. Iron Duke hug around with some of the people on Channel 6 but was not an official member of the club.  He was never short on confidence, and he was also somewhat materialistic and a bit superficial.  If you looked up the word "conceit" in the dictionary, you just might find his picture.  Needless to say, his personality type clashed with mine somewhat, so we were never the best of friends.

Iron Duke ran a Johnson 23 channel base radio, with a stock mike which gave him a somewhat "nasal" tonal quality.

Today: The last I heard, Iron Duke went to school for EMS/EMT training, and was employed in a related field.  But I haven't talked to him since the late 70's.