Jim (Tank) was a member of the Channel 13 group, which ran from around 1977 to about 1980.  Jim had the handle "Tank" for a reason, and it had nothing to do with a love for the military.  Jim was built like a tank, an asset which served him well, especially when we played football against the "old farts" from Channel 23 in 1980.  It also made him somewhat intimidating to the weasels who used to agitate the channel on occasion.  Like Jimmy, he never backed down from any fight which he thought was worth standing up for.  Jim had a stake in the events which took place in this audio clip, and vowed that he wouldn't back down.  On more amicable days, Jim was much more good natured and also had a good sense of humor, a trait that you had to have when hanging out on Channel 13..

Jim ran a Midland 13-895, 23 channel SSB radio, with a Turner +3 desk mike, and a Starduster antenna. Jim lasted on CB until his family moved away in the early 80's.

Today: Since Jim moved away, I have not seen or heard from him.