John Connolly, was one of many "lunatic fringe"  CB operators who plied the murky airwaves in the 1970's.  It stands to reason that because of the relative anonymity of CB radio, that it would appeal to a segment of people who had mild to moderate social and psychological issues. John was one of those people. His trademark behavioral quirk was his penchant for long winded monologues. He would key up and babble on for 20 or more minutes at a time, without unkeying. I could take a bathroom break, make a sandwich, and grab an iced tea, and he'd still be talking when I came back. Fortunately he was not a "power station", and he was not normally malicious, so he didn't monopolize the channel beyond his local area.  But he did get under the skin of those who lived close enough to have the hear him at fairly high signal levels. As one might guess, his "odd" behavior drew the agitators to him, and he was constantly involved in on-air conflicts. The lengths of his monologues grew in proportion to the level of agitation he endured.  His long windedness also made him an easy target for DF hunters, and his location was quickly found out and announced at regular intervals as part of his regimen of agitation. All someone had to do to set him off on a half-hour tirade, was to say "John Connolly, 645 Dayton road, in Bryn Mawr". I heard it so much, I still remember it almost 30 years later. John faded away from the scene by the 80's. I'm not sure what precipitated his departure. Whether it was health, loss of interest, or some other reason, he was gone by the late 80's. I can't say that I miss him though.