The Place: The outskirts of Norristown Pa.

The Time: Fall of 1976

The Channel: 22 "A", soon to be known as 24 in a few months.

Recorded With: A Sears cassette recorder from a Midland 13-885


The Characters:

LIM (Tom): LIM stands for "Little Italian Missile".  First heard on the tape, saying "WHAAAAAAT!"

Gumshoe: Friend of LIMís, who is the unfortunate butt of this little prank.

Super Boomer: Girlfriend of LIMís. Feigns concern over the "gossip", and a violation of trust.


Background: LIM, a good friend and also someone who's a bit mischievous,  is playing a little joke on Gumshoe.  Super Boomer had deliberately divulged some specific personal information about LIMís and her relationship the night before, which Gumshoe was supposed to keep secret.  But being the good friend that he was, he had to at least give LIM a "heads up".  Things become awkward,  when he gets caught telling LIM (That's why God invented phones guys!).  LIM lets Gumshoe think that heís in his mobile (Notice that he doesnít actually confirm or deny it), when he was actually on anotherís base. Whatís even more fun, was that Super Boomer was with him the whole time, and they play the classic game of "pass the mic", pretending that they were on 2 different radios.  Poor Gumshoe didnít know what hit him, and he tries desperately to play damage control.

LIM & Gumshoe Approx 2:13, mp3 format