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The receiver is normally parked on our local channel, Channel 13., the home of the Classic Radio Roundup, and a growing bunch of hopelessly nostalgic folks who remember what CB was like in the "golden age". Hopefully we'll get as close as we can in recreating that atmosphere, including restoring and operating period radios from the 60's and 70's


On Wednesday nights (8:00-10:00 PM EST/EDT) we run our weekly Classic Radio Roundup, where our group of dedicated old school radio guys come out of the woodwork and take their prized 60's and 70's vintage radios out for a spin.  From Browning to Tram and any make in between, tubes or solid state.  You never know what old school radio might show up on any given night.


The audio stream is being provided from a Royce 1-640 connected to a Maco M103C 3 element beam at a height of ~420'ASL.  The beam is usually pointed ESE, toward the Pottstown Pa. area.  When the local chatter is dormant, in the distance you can usually hear people as far off as Philadelphia Pa., towns in South Jersey, and Wilmington Delaware, which each lie about 40 or more miles away.  Note: The audio stream may not always be up depending on conditions.


Spew Radio 1 Live!



The Spew Radio network is expanding. We now have a total of three streaming audio servers:

Note: These may not be up all the time.


For a different perspective on the channel from a location in Skippack Pa,  20 miles to the SE of my location try:

Spew Radio II - experiencing technical difficulties.

NEW!!! A fully controllable receiver is now available.



And live from the Volcano crater just south of Fagleysville Pa., and also 10 miles ESE from me, we have:

Spew Radio III! - Down for the time being.....