The following links show the locations where most of the active CB'ers, in the groups which I took part in, were in the 1970's in the greater Norristown Pa. area. Thanks to the technology provided by Windows Virtual Earth, I can show these locations on both a standard map and on a bird's eye view map.  Looking back, it's truly amazing just how many people were involved in CB back then, and how close most of us were to each other.  In those days, making a contact 20 miles away was considered a big deal.  These maps show only those people who had base stations. There were additional members who were strictly mobile, and they are not shown.  I initially had some reservations about showing the exact locations of most of my radio friends.  But since this was from a period of time which was 30 - 35 years ago now, most of the people shown have long since grown up and no longer live there (and in some cases have passed on), so any potential privacy issues should be minimal.


The CB'ers in my neighborhood, pre 1976. At one time, there were up to 20 CB base stations within my neighborhood alone.  Not all were active during the same time period, although there was some overlap.  But this underscores just how popular CB radio was back in the 1970's.


Channel 11/Channel 10. We had a fairly good sized group from 1974 until midway through 1976.  Most were clustered around 1/2 to 1 mile away, although there were a few a bit further out.  But no one was over 5 miles distant.


Channel 6. When Channel 10 broke up in 1976, I moved to channel 6. This group was made up mostly of family units and they even had a social club. But like the other groups, no one was more than about 4 miles away at the most. This group pretty much disbanded in 1978.


Channel 13.  This was my most fun group, which I joined in late 1977 and stayed until the end sometime in late 1980 or early 1981.