The Place: The outskirts of Norristown Pa.

The Time: Jan 1976

The Channel: 10

Recorded With: A cassette recorder from a Courier Caravelle

The Characters:

Mitch (242): The first guy on the tape. Very over modulated, because his mike is wide open.  Mitch runs a SBE Trinidad with a D-104.

Rose: Asks, "What in the hell is going on?"  Rose is using a SBE Trinidad with a Turner +3 Desk mic

Dave: (Me) Shows off his technical prowess, as he slides off frequency to imitate the squatters. My rig is a Lafayette Comstat 25 with a D-104.

Pete: Person recording this tape. Asks Mitch, "How’s my Mod?" He runs a Courier Caravelle with a D-104.

Kitchen Maid: Asks about "FCC" vans, in town. She runs a Regency CR 142 Base with a D-104.

Uncle Albert: High pitched voiced kid, who offers up his thoughts on where the carriers are originating from. He runs a Midland 13-862b with a Turner mobile +2.

And a few comments can be heard from some of the "Squatters", in between the ruckus.


Background: The east coast truckers had recently vacated channel 10, and moved up to 19.  Our local group had then moved from an increasingly more crowded channel (11), to the now mostly open channel 10.  We quickly adopted channel 10 as our new home, and as many groups were guilty of back then, we became somewhat territorial about it.  Newcomers were certainly welcome to join our group, but we didn’t tolerate other groups trying to set up shop right over top of us, which is what the case was in this little excerpt.  The signature element of this group of "squatters", was the old tube rig that the main guy ran, which was suffering from a bad case of crystal drift and generally weak modulation.  A fact which we capitalized on during this (and subsequent) exchange(s).



No Squatters   5:49 minutes, mp3 format