This is the Pace 223 mobile CB radio. This rig was a simple "no frills" radio, with nothing more than a Volume, Squelch,  23 Channel Selector, and a hard wired microphone. Be that as it may, it still cost me a whopping $100 (in 1970's dollars) when I bought one new as my first 23 channel set in July of 1974.  On the plus side, this radio had tons of modulation.  Even with the wired in stock hand mike, it would exceed 100% modulation without trying hard.  It was also real easy to put Channel "22A" in the blank spot between 22 and 23, by simply cutting one small jumper.  I ran the Pace for about a month, before a power supply accident caused the transmit final to blow. After the rig was fixed, I then ran it (With a better power supply) until finally selling it to Cheetah, one of the locals, in September.  By October, I had purchased my next radio the Lafayette Comstat 25.