Pat Jacoby, was an early entry in the psychologically challenged department, as it relates to CB radio. From as early as 1972, Pat was somewhat legendary in the local circles. Pat lived about 15 miles away from our local area, which normally would mean that nobody would be hearing him all that well.  But Pat had a strong signal, and it was rumored that he was running over 500 watts, at a time when having more than 100 watts was rare.  Pat had a lispy "gay" sounding voice and I really don't know if it was real or just a deliberate impersonation for the purposes of agitation.  Pat was somewhat opinionated and became involved in many disputes with the people who heard him.  I think many people were just drawn to his voice, and the disputes started from there. I really don't know if Pat was a true instigator, or more of a victim himself.


By 1975 Pat had pretty much disappeared from the scene.


Thanks to web page visitor, Russ from N.E. Philly for the picture.