Like any decent tribute, this one would not be complete without mentioning the people involved.

 Some people became good friends, while others were fun and interesting to talk to. Still others were "interesting" from a purely psychological standpoint. Of course, you couldn't have the good without the bad, and there were a bunch of those too. While much information is available on the equipment, and on the times, it was ultimately the people who

   made the CB radio experience one worth remembering. These tributes showcase only a handful of the people who I had the pleasure of knowing in my local area, starting as far back as 34 years ago.




Audio Clip People heard on the Audio Clips.

Positives:        People who added to the fun factor of CB, or were otherwise a positive influence.

Bozo's:            Agitators, idiots, and people of infamy.

Biographies:      Personal accounts of CB radio experiences.

Channel Groups: A listing of the most popular active channels in my area.

Conflicts:         A compilation of some of our worst on-air conflicts with other people.

Locations:       A bird's eye view of where we all were back in the 1970's.