Pete (a.k.a. Tiger Shark) was a somewhat later entry into our channel 11/10 group, which lasted from late 1973 to about 1976.  Pete was friends with 2 other guys in our group, and got interested in CB after hearing us talking about it in school during the 1974-75 school year.  Like most of us, Pete started off with a walkie talkie, a Lafayette 1.5 watt, and then upgraded to a "real" 23 channel radio, a Lafayette Micro 723 within a few months.  Pete eventually bought a Courier Caravelle, and then later, a Midland 13-898b.  Pete started off with a 1/2 wave ground plane, and then later upgraded to a Mosley 3 element beam.  Pete was the one who recorded the "No Squatters" audio clip in early 1976.  When the Channel 10 group slowly started disbanding in late 1976, Pete followed some of us to Channel 6, but he really never seemed to feel comfortable there.  Not long after that, he just sort of faded away.



I havenít seen or heard from Pete since about 1977.