Racoon was a short-lived, developmentally challenged individual, who spiced things up in the late 70's on Channel 13. Like the irreverent saying: "Hire the handicapped, they're fun to watch", that pretty much sums up Racoon's CB activities. He had a "slow" demeanor, and seemed to lack general intelligence. His speech was slow, slurred and he often stuttered.  His comprehensive ability was on the same level as a young child and he once proclaimed that he chose his handle because he liked cute animals. However, none of us ever knew exactly how old he was.  But like no 19 year old likes hanging out with a 9 year old, that was exactly how most of us felt about him.  Ironically though, he called everyone who gave him a hard time; "Kid".   Eventually we started to bust his stones, hoping he would go away.  But he didn't.  Instead, he became increasingly belligerent.  Once, someone called him a Nazi, to which he replied; "I'm not a Nazi, Kid, it's not my religion".  He would then tell us that we were all going to jail, and then started naming seemingly all the other members of his family who were supposedly involved with law enforcement. "You're in trouble now Kid. My dad's a cop, Kid, and you're going to jail!". Eventually he did fade away but I don't know if he left out of fear, or if his radio was taken away from him by his parents, when they discovered that this form of public therapy was just not working for him.