My Radio Stable


This page lists the most significant radios which I have owned and operated over my 45 year CB career. I've included only the radios that I've actually used for a period of time. I have had many more that were little more than parts or experimental radios. I've tried to list the radios in loose chronological order.


Midland 13-428 (W/T)*

Realistic TRC-99c (W/T)

Midland 13-700 (W/T)**

Pace 223

Lafayette Comstat 25*

Johnson 5 channel mobile

SBE Cortez (2)

Realistic TRC-47

Realistic Rover 1500 (W/T)

Midland 13-885*

Tram XL5

Realistic TRC-11 (mini 6)*

Realistic TRC-152 (2)

Hy-Gain 623 (2)**

Lafayette Telsat SSB-80

Realistic Mini-40

Lafayette HA-410**

Cobra 132

Realistic TRC-448

G.E. 40 ch mobile

Realistic TRC-458

Realistic TRC-459

Realistic TRC-431

Realistic TRC-490

Midland 77-882

Lafayette HB-940

Siltronix 1011D

Yaesu FT-101E

Lafayette Dynacom 40 (W/T)

Superstar 360 (2)

Superstar 3900

President Jackson

Yaesu FT-757*

Uniden HR-2510*

Realistic TRC-210 (W/T)*

J.C. Penney 6214*

Cobra 135*

Cobra 139 XLR*

Cobra 29 XLR


SBE Trinidad*

Realistic TRC-451*

Realistic TRC-30a (3)*

Royce 1-640 (2)*

Cobra 139 (2)*

Tram D201 (2)*

SBE Console II*

Courier Centurion

Courier Gladiator 40*

Johnson Viking 4740 (2)*

Browning Golden Eagle Mk III*

Tram Titan IIa*

Pearce Simpson Simba*

Tram Titan*

Midland 13-898B*

Cobra 2000*

Galaxy DX-2547*

Sonar FS-23*


* - Owned for the first time, and still own.

** - Originally owned, sold or disposed of, then acquired another later on.