Any sort of CB tribute would not be complete without mentioning the equipment that we all used to put those signals out over the air. The radios which belonged to the people I knew, ran the gamut from Walkie-Talkies, to rinky-dink, battered up old 6 channel tube rigs, to shiny, new top of the line 23(and later 40) channel SSB base sets. This page pays homage to those CB rigs which were popular with the people in my local area during the 1970's and later. This list is by no means a complete representation of all the major radio models in use at the time. Rather, this list showcases those radios which I, my friends, and other local people I knew used, along with a few dream rigs thrown in.

 As I continue my vintage radio acquisition, examples of many of these rigs have slowly managed to find a home in my growing personal vintage CB collection. 


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These are Walkie-Talkies:

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These are less than 23 channel radios:

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These are 23 channel base radios:

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simba.jpg (71696 bytes) trc48.jpg (7225 bytes) trinidad.jpg (39858 bytes) trc30a.jpg (15374 bytes) cam89.jpg (23400 bytes) comstat25.jpg (42146 bytes) telsat1023.jpg (16892 bytes)



These are 23 channel mobile radios:

ssb50.jpg (50288 bytes) tramxl5.jpg (23888 bytes) trc47.jpg (39188 bytes)sidebander2.jpg (17892 bytes) tramd60.jpg (20874 bytes) 13-895.jpg (18147 bytes)

pace223.jpg (9793 bytes) cortez.jpg (32777 bytes) trc152.jpg (42080 bytes) tramd40.jpg (20874 bytes) royce1-600.jpg (20874 bytes) 13-862b.jpg



These are 40 channel Base radios:

telsatssb140.jpg (40733 bytes) trc458.jpg (27589 bytes) cobra139xlr.jpg (49317 bytes) cobra2000.jpg (37638 bytes) trc431.jpg (16717 bytes)



These are 40 channel mobile radios:

efj4740.jpg (19144 bytes) trc451.jpg (61715 bytes) 77-882.jpg (44799 bytes) mini40.jpg (40667 bytes)



These are "Export"-type mobile radios:

jackson.jpg (26505 bytes) ss360.jpg (36811 bytes)



These are "Ham" radios which were frequently used on CB:

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Click here for a list of all the CB radios that I've owned over the years