Rose (a.k.a. Belly Dancer) was one of the few girls who hung out with our channel 11/10 group (the ratio of males to females in those days was usually something like 7or 8:1). Rose's CB career lasted from late 1974, to about 1976.  Rose first got interested in CB from hanging around her neighbor, Red Baron, who had a 1 watt Midland walkie talkie similar to mine.  When Red Baron upgraded to a 23 channel 5 watt set, he sold the W/T to Rose.  Rose talked on the walkie talkie for a while before eventually ending up with an SBE Trinidad, and a D-104 mike, through the various wheeling and dealing that went on with the locals.


Rose was a bit on the wild side and somewhat of a "bad girl".  She smoked, drank, did a little dope, and was rumored to have been somewhat promiscuous (for a 70ís teenager).  She also had a bit of an attitude to go with it.  But she had a good sense of humor, and played well with the guys on the radio, although she wouldn't hesitate to tell someone off if they rubbed her the wrong way (She fit in well with our group). 


Today: Roseís CB career pretty ended around late 1976, when she had some family issues and then moved away.  I have not seen or heard from her since.