This is the Realistic (Radio Shack) Rover 1500. This radio sports a 1.5 Watt transmitter, 3 channel capability, a Volume, Squelch and a battery meter. A 3.5' telescopic antenna, external mike, speaker, and antenna jacks round out the list of features. This odd looking (compared to other RS units) walkie-talkie was nonetheless a popular commodity among the locals in my area in the 1974-75 timeframe. This unit closely resembles similar units manufactured by the Fannon corp. so I assume that this was made by Fannon for Radio Shack. 

I ended up with one of these as a basket case in 1975. The radio would not power up. Turns out, the PC board had a crack in it, which prevented it from working. So I effected a quick repair and soon had a working walkie-talkie. Besides using it when running around in the field, this radio became my test bed when we first started experimenting with swapping transmit and receive crystals to give us a "private" channel. I could also drive my Contex amplifier with it, which resulted in about a 10 watt output.  One night, I had the Rover hooked up with a handheld tape recorder mike, and running through the amplifier on out to my base station antenna.  Not surprisingly, the people on the channel had a hard time believing me when I told them I was running a "walkie-talkie".  I had a blast busting the stones of the gullible that night. 

Some months later, when the radio was once again reduced to basket case status, it was resurrected briefly to became my first "Bush Boogie" , and used to agitate one of my neighbors, who ran on Channel 15 after he had just given us a bunch of grief over bleed over.