This is SBE's Sidebander 2 (SBE-12CB), a 23 channel mobile SSB/AM radio, which was the mobile version of the popular Console II. This radio was available as both the standard model, or with an optional noise blanker board, which was presumably for those "difficult" noise cases. This radio included the standard features of Volume, Squelch, R.F. Gain, and a transmit/receive synchronized Clarifier, and a standard mobile sized S/R.F. meter. There were also switches for the Noise Blanker and P.A. function. Performance-wise, the transmitter clearly shined. This radio was a supreme talker, both on AM and SSB. Power output would exceed 15 watts on SSB, and AM power had strong forward modulation at 5 watts.  Receiver performance, unfortunately, did not share the transmitter's prowess. The receiver was a single conversion design and consequently was more prone to adjacent channel bleed over than comparable dual conversion designs. This radio had another annoying quirk, where the "S" meter was very sensitive to the received signal's modulation and would backswing tremendously on received voice peaks. This made getting a meaningful meter reading next to impossible, except on totally dead (unmodulated) carriers.  Despite these shortcomings this radio had a popular following, including Chris, and others.