The Place: The outskirts of Norristown Pa.

The Time: Summer of 1973

The Channel: 3, The local "Adults" channel.

Recorded with: Ross cassette recorder from a Sears 100 mW base station with a "neat-o" super-regenerative receiver.

The Characters:

Steve: First person heard on the tape (And throughout most of it). Steve's the local radio whiz, who’s continuing "war" with Jimmy, has spilled on to the local adult channel, resulting in "drive-by carrier throwing". Steve is attempting to explain the situation to…..

Sweet Pea: The older sounding female, who was not particularly bright when it came to the finer parts of radio.  She runs a Realistic TRC-24A with a Turner +2U mobile mic.

Zipper: The louder, deep voiced guy, who says "Breaker Steve".  Zipper runs a Pearce-Simpson Simba and was one of the first in the area to have a D-104 Microphone. 


Background: Despite their efforts to conceal and deny it, Steve and Jimmy were both considered, by the local adults, to be "agitators".  In this clip, Steve tries to gain some sympathy as he plays the part of the wounded victim while he attempts to explain the events which had transpired the evening before. The quality of this recording is fairly poor, as it was taken from a Sears 100 mW super regenerative transceiver. These receivers were noted for the large amount of "hiss" on the receive. The only reason that Steve sounds as good as he does, is because he lived less than a ½ mile away from me at the time.

Steve Pontificates Approx 3.45 minutes, mp3 format.