The Place: The outskirts of Norristown Pa.

The Time: Summer of 1973

The Channel: 11 or 14.

Recorded With: A Ross cassette recorder from a Midland 13-428, 3 channel Walkie-Talkie.

The Characters:

Jimmy: The first guy on the recording.

Steve: Argues with Jimmy.

Ed (Billy Goat): Attempts to keep the fight going by stirring the pot.


Background: Steve was the local radio whiz, and normally friends with Jimmy.  But as what sometimes happens with friends, some disagreement caused the two of them to have a bit of a spat.  Jimmy had also just recently had his motorcycle license suspended, and that just gives Steve more ammo for the "fight".  Jimmy wasnít to be outdone however, when he makes his own snide comments in return, including crude language which was almost unheard of on CB radio in those days.

Jimmy ran a Realistic Navaho Pro, which Steve had recently horse traded for, fixed, and sold to Jimmy for cheap (Although he didnít completely fix the AC hum that you could just hear on Jimmyís carrier), and a Radio Shack "Super Maxim" 1/2 wave GP.

Steve ran a Midland 13-873 mobile SSB rig, with a 3 element beam.

Ed ran a Lafayette Telsat 1023, with a Turner +2 desk mic, and an A/S Super Magnum antenna.


Steve Vs. Jimmy Approx. 2min, mp3 format.