"Boring" Stewart was another 70's era regular. Ironically, in recent times, I have gotten to know him quite well as a ham and he's an intelligent and well-spoken guy, with a good, if slightly off-the-wall, sense of humor.  But back in the day on CB, Stewart managed to alienate more than a few people. Stewart's behavioral anomaly was his penchant for pontification, with a somewhat monotone voice and a general air of pompous intellectual superiority.  His method for dealing with troublesome outsiders was to sarcastically berate them, and put down their general lack of intelligence, usually in the form of a long lecture.  While philosophically I would eventually find myself in agreement with him, and I fully understand the frustration which drove him to do what he did, his demeanor was such that he ended up attracting more trouble than he drove away. Like John Connolly, the more he would argue, the more people wanted to fight with him.  But Stewart was resilient, and never seemed to wear down, and I suspect he actually enjoyed what he was doing.  He would be back on the next night once again taking up the cause of decency, and the fight against stupidity, for yet another day.  He was given the nickname "Boring" Stewart, by Uncle Albert, who liked to bust his stones on occasion.


Stewart was visually impaired, but not completely blind, and was a big rock and folk music fan, and a connoisseur of imported and specialty beer. Eventually as the years wore on, the ever increasing waves of "crude" people who found their way into CB radio, finally got to Stewart and caused him to finally realize that he was fighting a losing battle and that he had had enough.  He went for, and obtained his ham license, and became a regular on 2 meter simplex. He also left the CB AM scene and hung out with a group local to his area on Channel 37 LSB for a spell.


Today: Stewart's new home has a strict policy on outside antennas, but he's managed to erect something that works for 10 and 11 meters as well as small 2 and 6 meter antennas. He is a regular check-in to our Sunday night 10 meter net.