Sweet Pea was one of the members of the "adult" channel (Channel 3), in the greater Norristown area.  She first appeared on the scene sometime in 1973.  She also had 2 daughters, who also talked to us on the "kids" channel.  Sweet Pea was a very nice lady, who wasnít into channel politics, power struggles, or ego contests, nor did she understand or really care much about the theory of what made radio work.  She just wanted to exchange small talk with other people.  Sweet Pea ran a Realistic TRC 24a, with a Turner +2 mobile mike, and an Archer "Colinear" 5/8th wave ground plane.  She was active until the late 70ís.

Today: I havenít seen or heard from her, or any of her family, since the late 70ís.